Under the sea we see nothing but creatures filled with unanswered questions like ours. We are no different from each other in this world. All in the same cosmos. All under the same roof of curiosity. When will these questions be answered? Nobody knows. We live to learn. We live to find out. 

Under all of this, under all the pretentious faces, under the masks that we all wear… We are just the same. 

My life is filled with inconsistencies.

Strawberry Swing

As light passes and shines on what you have been missing you instantly know. Know that for once in your life you feel found. Though things may have turned out differently as you expected there’s this one thing that made you focus and hope just unravels infront of you like a flower. Words may seem to be words of nothingness but you just have to learn to understand it anyway because again, you don’t have much of a choice. Until now I just don’t know what life will offer me in the future but I’m sure of one thing. And I’m happy that even one thing just make sense. One person made sense. 

Always being reminded that I’m doing this to be and not because of what I want. But now I’m living to exist and to love. 

Contented in things that matter most and she’s the most important thing now. 

Nothing else. The rest is just there. 

Now Playing: Strawberry Swing- Coldplay 


To see what’s within is an obstacle of self disovery. They know what we don’t know, and these, these are the blind areas of our human existence. The challenge to be our own persons of worth and principle. We choose to be who we are they said. The choice to live the lives that fate has favored us you mean. So does this mean that freedom it self doesn’t exist? For fate as what we call it has already paved a path for us? A broad spectrum that has yet to be discovered and leaves us questionable.

The unknown.

The unspoken.

We live it.